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Poverty Matters was founded in 2006 to provide comprehensive services to prevent and end homelessness including:

Advocacy and support

We work on the front lines with homeless and at-risk low income communities to offer support, link to services, and provide free advice, consultancy and tools to help improve lives.  

Street Outreach/ Volunteerism

Our Street Outreach volunteer teams provide food, blankets and clothing directly to homeless individuals living on the street in Los Angeles, primarily in the Skid Row area downtown.  We respond to requests for assistance in areas where there is a need for outreach and to connect residents to services.

Information, research and training

We provide access to a wealth of up-to-date information, including good practice toolkits, the latest research, news and policy updates. We stay abreast of new approaches to tackling homelessness and support organizations and individuals working with those who are unhoused or at risk improve their strategies through information sharing.  We use information to identify trends and enable the public and professionals to find local help and support.


We work with local and national Government to improve the policies that affect people experiencing homelessness. Using our detailed knowledge of what’s happening on the ground we campaign to challenge preconceptions and help bring about change.

Networking and events

Through our regional events, we provide stakeholders with the opportunity to network with others in throughout the country – sharing knowledge, experiences and solutions.


Funding for Poverty Matters comes from the generosity of individuals and small foundations dedicated to improving the lives of those in homeless and low income communities.

Poverty Matters is a 501(c)3 organization through the Fiscal Sponsorship of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs.

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